Press release, 21 January 2021

Boem 3D Design Shop is introducing a new way of thinking about designing, furnishing, and decorating homes – and a brand new shopping concept to go with it. The main idea is to use 3D printing technology at home on an everyday basis. Boem creates catalogues of various models of 3D STL household accessories and furniture components which can be printed from the comfort of home as needed. 

Buyers can print their designs as many times as they like, using different sizes, colors, and materials. These products have unique shapes designed to be easy to print and fit into any interior.

Boem encourages people to think of using 3D printers on a daily basis – just as they use ink printers. The Covid-19 situation helps us realize what great sense this concept makes. During quarantine or lockdowns, when you have to stay at home and can’t go out shopping, you can still use your home 3D printers, allowing you to stay independent and creative no matter what’s going on in the world.

3D technology allows buyers to create a wide variety of completely original, sustainable, and less expensive homewares – while staying eco-minded and gentle on our planet. You can have these super cool shapes without any material waste, shipping energy, or packaging. There are also many types of recycled and recyclable or biodegradable filaments available to meet every need. 

The Boem 3D Design Shop has started out with three different collections, all sold in the Boem Store. Some designs are minimalistic, while others are more imaginative. Thanks to new and interesting materials, we’ve been able to create a slightly different aesthetic than is typical in 3D printing.

The Nothing Else Collection

This collection is built on a century-old industrial object design philosophy. Functionalism, later called Gute Form or contemporary minimalism, is characterized by an emphasis on function – leaving the subject free of any unnecessary elements or details. Form follows function, and less is more. With this approach, the machines are reflected in the objects they create. Each type of technology creates its own distinctive look.

When we applied this philosophy to newly-emerging 3D printing technology – which allows for a large range of dynamic objects – it enabled us to create very precise basic forms and objects that are difficult to achieve with other machines.

The Nothing Else Collection brings forth a range of products using simple shapes that are not only compatible with each other, but also integrate seamlessly into any interior design scheme. New 3D printing technology allows you to create accurate, aesthetically clean shapes. No extra residual material, simply the object itself. Nothing Else embodies functionality in its purest form. 

The Wrap It, Roll It and Meringue Collections

We found inspiration for both of these collections in our own kitchen. 

Meringue is inspired by the famous Pavlova cake and meringue sweets. These items can command attention in any interior just by themselves while adding an element of sweet good taste. 

Wrap It, Roll It is an elegant compliment to food from around the world. With a designer touch you can print a playful lamp which looks like an ice cream cone, or tame clutter with an aesthetically-pleasing flat tortilla paper organizer. 

Meet Boem!

Aleš and Tereza Boem are a married couple with creative souls and a 1 year old baby in the house. Sometimes life is a bit messy and crazy, but always fun. Aleš is a designer, and Tereza is an artist and marketing manager, and Zoe is the chief creative officer and official mess-maker. We have been working together for many years and you can follow our work on www.boem.studio. Last year we fell in love with 3D printing and started our Boem Store project. 

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